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Dj kraiggy da gho$t 

Dj kraiggy : da Gho$t  of Tbank Entertainment**


Meet Dj kraiggy da gho$t , the enigmatic force behind the soundboard , known as "the ghost." With a mystical touch,Dj kraiggy weaves sonic spells that transcend genres. Ghosting through the music scene, rave edm dubstep he keeps audiences on their toes with an otherworldly mix of sounds that defy convention. Unleash your senses and dance in the shadows with DJ kraiggy da gho$t – where  entertainment meets the supernatural.

kay wattz

Kay wattz 


Kay Wattz is a female Hip-Hop Artist and songwriter. She was born and raised in Boston, MA. She started writing, rhyming, and creating songs when she was 15 years old. Music has been her motivation, outlet, and meaningful expression. “Live As If You Were To Die Tomorrow, Learn As If You Were To Live Forever” -Ghandi. This quote is tatted on her left arm and she has shown to stand firmly by it. Some of her musical influences are Nas, Lauren Hill, and 50 Cent. Shes makes music not only as a creative outlet but for people who may not always be confident to speak up and hope that her music may be a spark just as her influences have been for her. The way she carries herself can be described as bold, strong-minded, and passionate. She affirms she is this way because when she was younger she experienced people urging her to fit a mold that didn't align with her authenticity. She witnessed others travel similar road and saw spirit stifled and knew the blueprint she followed would be her own. Kay Wattz self identifies as a proud Black alpha female (stud) & member of LGBTQ community. She believes her music and it’s messages are universal as she still represents her community and stands firm in what she believes. 


Kashiz flow 508 

Mo malamin 

Mo malamin is one of the most popular artist in Africa with a sound you will hear globally